Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ice, Ice, baby

A hundred, or maybe multiples of that, icebergs are drifting toward New Zealand. There are so many, in fact, that a shipping warning could kick in soon if the ice doesn't let up, shipping in the region could be in doubt.

The small iceberg shown here is on the opposite side of the continent, and well away from busy shipping routes.
But on the other side of Antarctica the traffic in ice spotted by satellites is more problematic.
Scientists think the icebergs are the remains of a giant ice flow that split from the continent, possible due to climatic changes.
New Zealand has sent out coastal navigation warnings, but there are no imminent plans to shut down shipping.
New Zealand was barraged by icebergs in 2006, and a sheep was flown by one on a helicopter so it could be shorn in a publicity  stunt to promote the country's wool industry.


zoot said...

You look pretty happy in the new picture on the blog. This trip is your Christmas present!

Tom said...

ice looks nice!...remember my rock if you can find one.