Thursday, November 19, 2009

Give the "Boss" a go-cup

For Hemingway fanatics, it's a special bar in Paris or Key West. For me, the mecca of bars is here in Punta Arenas. The Shackleton Bar is tucked in the back of the Hotel Jose Nogueira and is said to serve a nifty version of the local specialty. (The pisco sour is sort of a Chilean margarita, sans salt.)
Ernest Shackleton, known by those in his famously failed expeditions as the Boss, stayed at the hotel, in those days owned by the epynomous Nogueira, while making repeated attempts to rescue the bulk of his crew when they were stranded on Elephant Island. One legend has him firing a gunshot into the roof of the bar when it was time to round up sailors for a rescue mission.
Today the walls are adorned with a series of paintings depicting the trevail and ultimate rescue of the Endurance crew.
Now, excuse me while I go down a cold one at the Boss' bar.
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Kentucky Bob said...

Boozin' with the ghost of Ernie Shakleton! Now you can freeze to a satisfied death.

Anonymous said...

Bob is just mad because you are not drinking Knob Creek.

Beaz said...

Maybe you could just cook up some Seal blubber and Penguin flank steak.
Even Mr. Hemmingway prolly didn't do that

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