Monday, December 7, 2009

10 cool things about a Zodiac

1. It's like your inflatable dingy -- but with horsepower.
2. Easy to drive: twist throttle for speed, push to turn left or right.
3. You get to channel your inner Cousteau.
4. Whales.
5.  If you do high-speed Miami Vice-style turns you can pretend you're a Navy SEAL without getting shot at.
6. No one ever paints flames on the side.
7. If you're not Greenpeace, you don't have to drive it between a ginormous ship and a big-ass whale.
8.When you sit on the side you feel like you're riding in the back of a pickup truck, but the cops won't stop you.
9. Makes tough guy "vroom, vroom" motorboat sound.
10. It's French, without being snooty.


Anonymous said...

Great photo. Nobody up to skiing in a wetsuit?

Anonymous said...

Very cool.

zoot said...

DON'T sit on the side!!!! Looks like the bay is completely free of icy stuff. Enjoy, but NOT on the side.