Thursday, July 10, 2008

Arctic blow-up

Think of a tractor pull, except for the outdoorsy crowd.

Apparently some trash talking about who could inflate a rubber raft most quickly -- a bit of field research drudgery turned into a challenge -- started the whole thing.

One group of researchers declared their superiority on their ability to blow and the contest was on.

Some dressed in faux pimp gear (as best can be done in rubber boots) and others entered the arena to music from a "Rocky" sequel.
In the end it was the guys using the push pumps -- as opposed to foot pumps and the simple blow, blow, blow 'til you turn purple method -- who triumphed.
Next came the deflation and roll up contest, a challenge of splayed bodies trying to squeeze air through valves.
Save your tractor fuel, I'll take this for entertainment.


The Patriarch said...

This is my third try at commenting. Old people shouldn't be allowed on the internet.

You've trashed editors twice; does this mean you're ready to retire?

Kentucky Bob said...

That post pretty much blows.

Heard you are coming back tomorrow. Hope its in time: I heard Tess & Emily are hangin' out. Gary wants to have a beer; maybe he's got some 'splainin' to do? Devcon 5?

Say bubye to the whole crew from Planet Watch for us. When they are ready for some real tundra, bring 'em to the wheat fields of Kansas.